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Drinking Water Systems

Hydroviv help articles related to our Fridge and Sink systems.


Drinking Cartridge Formulation

These articles cover the FAQ's of how we formulate and build your customized drinking filter cartridges

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Fridge Systems

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Sink Systems

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What is the difference of the Fridge and Sink systems?

The only difference between our undersink and fridge line systems is the connections. The custom formulation and replacement cartridges will be the same. The undersink system comes with 3/8" connections, which is the universal standard for faucet con

What do Hydroviv Drinking Water Filters Remove?

At Hydroviv, our drinking water filtration systems are specifically designed to address the contaminants found in your local water supply. Our primary focus is on contaminant removal to provide you with clean and safe drinking water. Please note that

How is my system customized?

The optimization process for our drinking water systems is based on your shipping address. When we get an order, our Water Nerds:1. Analyze millions of water quality measurements from local, county, state, federal, academic, and our own test database

Recommended Routine Maintenance

RECOMMENDED ROUTINE MAINTENANCE. 1. Water Pressure:. For homes with very high or fluctuating water pressure, it is recommended to install a pressure-reducing valve before the under sink drinking water purification system. This will reduce water press