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How long do the sink cartridges last?

The sink cartridges are performance-tested out to 720 gallons, per NSF Standard 53 protocols. For 90% of homes, this translates to 6 months on average. Built into this estimation is water usage from washing dishes, hands, etc.  For context, the lifes

How to install the Sink System

My sink filter lid was already tight when it arrived. Is that ok?

Connection Size Adaptors For Sink System

While we do not sell any adapters on our site, if you can determine the size of your connections or snap a picture and take it to your local home improvement store or hardware store, someone will be able to help you find a piece that will adapt your

Can The Sink Filter Be Used On A Hot Sink Line

The sink system is installed on one line, most of the time cold since that's what people drink from. That means if you turn on the cold water faucet, it will be entirely filtered water. The hot will be unfiltered, unless you install a separate system