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How does customization & optimization work?Updated a month ago

The optimization process for our drinking water systems is based on your shipping address

When we get an order, our Water Nerds:

1. Analyze millions of water quality measurements from local, county, state, federal, academic, and our own test database.

2. Cross-reference these data with the latest toxicology thresholds (not outdated regulatory limits).

3. Select filtration media that fixes the problems found in your water (dirty secret: not all types of filtration media work in all types of water).

4. Build a customized filtration system that is specifically optimized for the problems with your water.

To find out which contaminants Hydroviv's systems can remove from your water, please reach out to us at [email protected] with your ZIP CODE, and whether you're on a MUNICIPAL water supply OR PRIVATE WELL. 

That way we can connect you with our science team who can provide insight on how we design our drinking filters for you and send over third-party data via email for contaminants removed. 
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