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Why Choose Customized Filters?

Most water filters are "one size fits all" systems. The problem is water is different everywhere!. Important factors like your region's geology and your city's disinfection process, infrastructure, and proximity to industrial/agricultural sites are a

How Hydroviv Works

At Hydroviv, our Drinking Systems are specifically tailored to address the unique water supply of each customer, targeting and removing toxic contaminants such as arsenic, chromium 6, lead, and PFAS. Once you place an order, we utilize your shipping

How does customization & optimization work?

The optimization process for our drinking water systems is based on your shipping address. When we get an order, our Water Nerds:1. Analyze millions of water quality measurements from local, county, state, federal, academic, and our own test database

How do you customize for well water?

Are you NSF certified?


Does Hydroviv ship internationally?

At this time, Hydroviv only sells and ships products within the United States. We are unable to formulate or ship to other countries.

Why don't you use generalized percentages?

What information do you have on TDS meters?

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meters are not the right tool for accurate water quality measurement. This is because they only measure the total charged mineral content of water. The TDS level primarily indicates the presence of beneficial charged mine

What contaminates does the shower filter remove?

Our shower systems are specifically designed to provide effective filtration against chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled during bathing. By utilizing catalytic carbon and KDF 55, we efficiently remove irritants such as chlorine

Can I use a Hydroviv Replacement Cartridge in a different Housing?

Yes! As long as it's a standard 10" by 2.5" housing, you can drop one of our cartridges in without a problem.Click HERE to view the cartridge

Can I manage my filter subscriptions and personal details through an online account?

Yes!. If you need to manage your subscriptions or update information such as your address, simply log into your account HERE using the associated email address. In the event that you find yourself without an account, customer service can still assist

What do I do in the event of a Boil Water Notice?

In the event of a boil water notice, we generally recommend replacing your filters to ensure safety, especially if the water system was in use during the notice period. However, if no water flowed through the system while the notice was active, the l