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Why can't I tighten my lid during the initial installation?Updated 3 months ago

We have some very strong employees assembling systems at our production facilities!

If you cannot twist it, it is no cause for concern. This just means it was already fully tightened at our factory. This installation step is in place due to a few past systems becoming loose while in transit. Systems were then being installed without checking to make sure this specific connection was fully tightened.

No worries if the decals aren't perfectly centered, or if they don't arrive just slightly to the left as mentioned in the instructions.

If you aren't seeing any giant gaps in the lid, you can place a towel under the system and turn the water valve on just a bit to help check. If you aren't seeing any leaks, you are good to go ahead and open the water valve all the way.

If you'd would like to unscrew the lid and start over, we have a video showing a quick way of making it easier to loosen, which you can watch here. 

We recommend wrapping a hot, damp towel around the lid to release some pressure before starting.
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