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Does the System come with a Cartridge?

Yes!. Every Hydroviv system is equipped with a cartridge right out of the box, ensuring immediate functionality upon installation. This means you can start enjoying clean, filtered water right away without any additional purchases required. However,

Do Hydroviv filters remove fluoride?

Hydroviv drinking water filters do not remove fluoride.

Do you remove minerals?

At Hydroviv, we believe that drinking water should not only be safe, but also nutritious. Our filters are designed to leave in beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron that are essential for your health. Unlike other water filters that s

What is the Micron rating of the Hydroviv Under Sink filtration system?

Our Hydroviv drinking water filter systems use a 0.2 micron size framework to filter out various contaminants. This micron rating enables our systems to effectively capture and remove contaminants from your drinking water.

Are Hydroviv water filters compatible with homes that have water softeners?

Our water filtration systems are compatible with both softened and unsoftened water. However, our filters do not remove the salt generated by some types of water softeners. The average lifespan for our sink cartridges is about 6 months, depending on

How do I know when it's time to replace my Hydroviv filter and do you offer testing to determine this?

The lifespan of our Hydroviv filter cartridges is influenced by the level of contaminants and particulates in your water. Our sink filter cartridges should be replaced approximately every 6 months and are designed to handle up to 720 gallons of water

Is the Hydroviv shower filter a multi-stage unit and what contaminants does it remove?

Our Hydroviv shower filters use several stages of filtration within a single cartridge for convenience. While the number of stages often advertised by other filters can be a marketing gimmick, we focus on utilizing catalytic carbon and KDF 55 to effi

Can you provide dimensions for the Hydroviv Under Sink and Shower Systems?

The dimensions of our Hydroviv Under Sink filter housing are 14x6x6 inches, with the cartridge inside being a standard 10 x 2.5 inches. For shower systems, installation is straightforward: screw the filter onto the shower arm and then reattach your s

Do you have a tub filter?

The design and flow rate of tub faucets make it challenging for traditional filters to effectively remove contaminants. As a result, companies offering tub filters may not provide the level of filtration they claim. Instead, using a Hydroviv Shower F

Do Hydroviv filters soften water?

Hydroviv filters do not soften water or reduce its hardness. We focus on preserving the natural taste and characteristics of your water by maintaining its mineral content. While hard water can sometimes cause limescale buildup in pipes and appliances